Cute Cherry

Saturday, January 28, 2012

I need motivation (・∀・)

Today was my first working day at my second job. I already know even now that it'll be hard having a part-time job during my training so shortly before my exams. But I'll really give my best and I think I'll make it somehow (゚∀゚) 

After my work I finally could meet my Japanese teacher after a long time. We talked about 3 hours and I was really happy to see her again. I've eaten Youkan (羊羹) and it was so delicious. She always let me taste food she brought from Japan. 

Youkan is a dessert made of Azuki bean paste. I like the taste of Azuki bean, that's why I also love Daifuku so much! (*´∀`*)

As soon as I have finished my training I would like to take Japanese lessons again, especially I wanna make the JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) of Level N4 in the end of the year.

This year I've got many plans and I hope I can put them all into practice (・∀・)


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Holidays come closer ^^

I've finally made some new pics after a long time.
At the moment it's totally stressful for me, as I have 2 jobs now and by the way I have to learn for my exams too > < I really do a lot that I can finance my holidays in Japan in July ラブラブ But I think it's all the more worthwile! 

The date is determined now. I'm gonna fly on July 15th and stay till August 6th. I'll basically stay in Osaka cause the familiy of a good friend lives there. I hope it's possible to come to Tokyo for about 2 days too 音譜

I am thinking about making working holiday in Japan in the near future. 

Monday, January 9, 2012

Dog's surgery

My dog has it's surgery on January 5th. Now Cindy seems to have pain and I worry a little. But the veterinarian says it's okay and the wound is healing now.

In about 6 days Cindy might feel better ドキドキ