Cute Cherry

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Relaxing day

I took a bath today with the bath liquid Aika has send me ^^ It smelled of hibiscus flower and the bathing water was pink (^^)

Bath Liquid

Few weeks ago I got a Shiseido make-up brush from my darling <3
I really love Shiseido but it's quite expensive in Germany.
I also bought Shiseido Shampoo and Conditioner when I was in Japan as it wasn't really expensive. 
Sadly I can't find that Shampoo in Germany (T_T)

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Present from Aika

Yesterday my present from Aika arrived. I'm so happy! She has send me so many nice things like the new Ageha, choco panda and bath salt. She also wrote me a very cute letter ヾ(@°▽°@)ノ Thank you!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Back in Osaka, Kyoto and last time in Japan

The last days in Osaka I didn't do really much because of the hot weather. 

On Sunday, July 29th I visited Tenjinbashi and walked through the big shopping passage and visited some temples.

Later I visited the Osaka Castle. At the top of the castle I had a great view over Osaka!

In the early evening the family of my Japanese friend and me went to AEON store where they bought a Yukata with Obi and Geta for me! I was so happy and it looks so beautiful!! ねこへび  

On the next day I really haven't done anything... I haven't feel much lika going out and I was pretty tired. I also felt a little dizzy so I stayed at home the whole day.

On Tuesday, July 31st my Japanese friend and I went to Kyoto where we have viewed some temples and shrines and walked through the old streets.

Later we walked through the shopping streets and visited some shops.

In the early evening we went back to Osaka after I have bought some things in the shopping streets.

On August 1st I went to Nipponbashi by train and later went to Umeda again to visit some CD and DVD stores.

Prisila shop
In the evening the family of my friend and I went to eat Kaitenzushi.

On the next day I also really didn't do anything. I slept long and in the afternoon I walked to a shop across of the house and bought some reduced clothes (・∀・)

The next day was my last day in Japan as I left on August 4th.
I started packing my luggage for the next day and in the evening we walked to a Natsumatsuri (summer festival) in Sugahara, Osaka.
I also wore my Yukata which the family of my friend bought for me!  ラブラブ  
The quality of this photo isn't the best as I had to scan it (・_・;)

Last evening in Osaka

Last time with Aika and back to Osaka

On Friday, July 27th we got up late cause we were pretty tired from out Tokyo trip. We ate cerials and yoghurt for breakfast and later ate at AEON store Teriyaki Bagel and onion soup for lunch.

When we finished we bought Unagi (eel) for our dinner in the evening and in the end went back home where Aika and me has discussed about the difference between western and japanese people ww it was really interesting as Aika don't feel like a Japanese. She really has a western attitude and she also said that she don't like the japanese people and their character.

Before dinner we drunk watermelon liqueur with soda. It's sooo delicious! Around 7:00 pm we picked up Aika's husband from the station and ate Unagi with rice and drunk white wine as well as German beer "Becks", "Paulaner" and "Warsteiner" which we bought in the store where we had our lunch.

We also watched a Swedish horrormovie which was an American film adaption called "Can I come in". It was good but a little confusing ww

The next day was my last day with Aika. I was really sad that I already had to leave. But I was so happy that me, Aika and a friend of her drove back to Osaka together by car at 3:30 pm. We used the highway so it took about 3 hours till we arrived in Osaka. It was already in the evening so we decided to eat dinner in a restaurant called 'COCOS'. 

Later we had to say Bye Bye to each other and we bough were almost crying as it was pretty emotional. Aika had to go back home near Nagoya.
。゚(T^T)゚。 I just hate farewells!!

Harajuku Shinjuku Akihabara

After our shopping tour through Shibuya we visited the Takeshita-dori in Harajuku. There were so many different shops with clothes and acessoires. Love it!ドキドキ  
At the end of this street we bought a pearl tea and went ahead to Shinjuku and also Kabukichou音譜  

Takeshita-dori in Harajuku


We walked around a lot through Shinjuku and later went back to Shibuya for a massage studio near our hotel. We had a foot massage as our feet hurt much (TωT)
Next we walked to the Combini across from the studio and bought some alcohol which we drunk in our hotel room. We talked and tried on our new clothes we bought for the next day before we went to bed.

On the next day we got up at about 8:00 am and had breakfast in a small restaurant near our hotel. We hadn't put on any make-up so we left the hotel with sunglasses only ww
Later we walked back to the hotel for packing our luggage as we had to check-out at 10:00 am. When we finishes we went to foot massage again as it was very cheap and so relaxing! (^ε^)♪

Our last stop in Tokyo was Akihabara where we locked our luggage at the station. The first place we went to, was a Maid Café. It was very funny and the Maids were soo nice! We had lunch there and talked to the Maids. Unfortunately photos were not allowed.

Next we walked through the streets of Akiba and visit some shops before we went back to Shinagawa station with our luggage where we waited for our Shinkansen back to Toyohashi.

Actually we also wanted to go visit the Tokyo Tower but sadly we hadn't enough time (´・ω・`)

Tokyo ♪ Shibuya

On July 25th we got up at 6:00 am and had a small breakfast before driving to the Toyobashi station. As there was a lot of traffic on the streets we tightly catched our Shinkansen (゚Д゚)
On our way to Tokyo we ate Green Tea Ice *yummy*

When we arrived at Shinagawa station we went ahead to Shibuya for searching our hotel.

In the end we couldn't found our hotel so we decided to take a taxi. 
Funnily we determined that our hotel was straight behind 109 xD

Our hotel room

As our Check-in was at 3:00 pm we first went to 109 men's where Aika has met a friend who has a shop in there. We got hungry due to walking around so we visited a restaurant where we ate french toastラブラブ   

sooo delicious! <3

When we arrived in our hotel at 3:00 pm we fell asleep in our beds immediately as the morning was stressful (´・ω・`) So we slept about about 1 hour and then went shopping in 109 !! 

MA*RS skirt
MA*RS skirt
MA*RS bags
d.i.a skirt
tutuHA dress