Cute Cherry

Monday, December 23, 2013

I did...

Yeay, I did. I really was thinking about it. But i bought 2 bearded dragons (*´ω`*) And I do not regret cause they're so cute!

Look at this ↓

They're so gentle and they like to clamber up my arm and shoulder.
I never thought I would have reptiles one day ww

In the end I wish you all a joyful Christmas and a Happy New Year! ★

Thursday, December 19, 2013


I am very late with my blog again > <  Soo sorry!

Stress keeps going on. I am happy to have some free days now. The only thing I still have to do is doing my homework for Japanese lesson ww

Actually there's nothing much to tell what I did the last months.

Last weekend we went to the Christmas Market in Stuttgart. It was really funny and I got to know new friends.

Unfortunately it was raining the most time but we still had a lot of fun except after drinking some hot wine punch.  (*´ω`*) 

Not so long ago I kinda became a fan of reptiles. Especially of Bearded Dragons! I really like them They're such tame and friendly pets and really cute! At the moment I am thinking about buying one. I caught up on this pets and you have to note a lot of things. For example you need a special heat lamp as they need a temperature of about 25°C - 40°C in the terrarium as well as a UV light to imitate the sun as the beardis come from the Australian desert. They also like eating living crickets or grasshoppers. As I never had a reptile before it's much to note for me. 

For those who don't know Bearded Dragons (in German it's Bartagame) ↓

I was very passionate about the reptiles of my friend Aika in Japan. She has a lot of them I really like them. As of late she also got a snake (*^^*) 

Here are some actual pictures. I decided to dye my hair darker as blonde damaged it so much! > <
I really cared about it but it was still like straw anyway. Also the extensions were quite damaging my hair and I was tired of dying my hair line every time.

That's it for now!

I hope I can blog more often in the next time. I really disregarded it (*´Д`)ごめんね

Sunday, August 18, 2013

It's been a while~

Hello my dears,

it's been a long time since my last entry. I was very busy and I had to look for a new job. I am so happy that I found one in a lawyer's office again. I really like it there so far but the programme they use is totally different to the one I had in the other office. I still need to get accustomed to it. In addition it's a very big office with 11 lawyers. In the other office there were only 4 lawyers. It's a little difficult for me to start from the beginning again and that I have to learn so many new things cause everything's different in comparison to my old work.

Anyway I am happy to earn money so that I can continue saving money for my holiday in Japan next year in March. Few days ago I got a message from the airline that my flight has been changed. First I was a little shocked as there also was written that the terminal where I will arrive in Nagoya is not available. So I called the hotline of the airline immediately and they told me that just the time of my return flight has changed. I won't start at 11:05 pm but 11:10 pm ww. Concerning to the terminal that is not available they informed me that my flight is only next year in March so it's still not certain at which terminal I will arrive.

By the way I changed my hair color. I just don't wanted to be blonde anymore as I had to dye my hairline so often. I decided to become light brown. Look at this ↓

But after a while my hair kinda became lighter and lighter so at the end it looked like blonde again. So I decided to dye my hair by myself again. But this time in a darker brown. After dyeing it became a little too dark as I wanted a middle brown color. I think it also looks good (・ω・)

Yesterday it happened something really funny!
I went to Ulm together with my boyfriend for shopping. When we wanted to go back to the parking garage to go home we saw someone who looked exactly like Bill of Tokio Hotel ! He was with a friend. First we was like "Is he Bill?!" I decided to go to him to ask for a photo with him although I was not sure if he really was it. But I liked his style! He laughed and agreed. Before taking the photo he told us that he isn't Bill and took off his sunglases. Okay, without sunglases he doesn't really look like Bill. But after my boyfriend took the photo we talked a while and they both were really nice. It was really funny. Made my day (*´ω`*)

Yeah, that's it for now.

Hope I am able to blog quite often again.

Bye Bye (・ω・)ノ

Thursday, April 25, 2013


Hi my dears!

An hour ago I had my extensions done! (*´ω`*)
I'm sooo happy. This time I only wanted 40 cm cause longer ones really need a lot of care and it takes so long to dry them.

This time I don't have braids but bondings. When I was in Japan last year I had braids. The braided parts at the hair line dried so slowly after washing and it was often a little uncomfortabe when the hair was still wet even after drying a long time. So I have to say that I prefer the bondings as you also absolutely don't see them at all. Look at this ↓

Now I don't need Clip In's anymore for about a half year. I also can sleep longer in the morning ww

I'm gonna make more pictures at the weekend (・ω・)
I got some tips for the care of extensions, a special brush and hair fluid too.
See you! (・ω・)ノ

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

New stuff

Hello my dears,

I finally could buy my beloved Anna Sui perfume. I totally like the fragrance and I was so happy that I got a small bag of Anna Sui too cause this perfume was a new edition.

Anna Sui is one of my favorite cosmetic brands but it's a pity that I only get the perfume in Germany, no cosmetics.

I am thinking about trying other lashes like Dolly Wink or Diamond Lash again.
Lately I found really cute and cheap lashes on Ebay although the most cheap lashes there just look standard, I think. (・ω・)

I still need some nice lower lashes as some of them look kinda strange on my eyes xD

Tomorrow is gonna be a good day! (*^▽^*)
I'll get done my extensions! I am tired of using Clip-In's all the time. Sometimes they don't last really good and fall out so I decided to spend a little more money in permanent extensions.

As I don't go to a salon to get them done it's cheaper then normal. Yeah, in Germany extensions are cheap as hell. Therefore I am happy that I found a person who makes extensions private at home and she also lives close to my house.

I am excited how it will look (*´ω`*)

Few weeks ago my Japanese teacher has ordered エビフライ (Ebi Fry) for me. In the Netherlands there is a Japanese fish company called "Hokkai Suisan" that sells different kind of fish.
I love prawns and shrimps and I enjoyed eating them so mich (・ω・)

Friday, April 19, 2013

Long time ago~

Aww~ due to a lot of stress the last time I wasn't able to post.
Yeah work is really stressing me at the moment so if I come home in the evening I don't feel like doing anything or checking FB and other sites.

Due to lots of overtime hours I could go after 4 hours working today.
It really feels good working part time (・ω・)
I am not that tired as I am after 8 or 9 hours.

After a long time it really was necessary taking some new photos.
I still want to try many styles, also to find out which hair color suits me the best (*´ω`*)

This is a wig. But I like it (^^)
But my current hair color is light blonde.

I enjoyed my last week end so my boyfriend and me made a little photoshoot (*´ω`*)

I really think that brown suits me better than blonde.
What do you think?