Cute Cherry

Thursday, April 25, 2013


Hi my dears!

An hour ago I had my extensions done! (*´ω`*)
I'm sooo happy. This time I only wanted 40 cm cause longer ones really need a lot of care and it takes so long to dry them.

This time I don't have braids but bondings. When I was in Japan last year I had braids. The braided parts at the hair line dried so slowly after washing and it was often a little uncomfortabe when the hair was still wet even after drying a long time. So I have to say that I prefer the bondings as you also absolutely don't see them at all. Look at this ↓

Now I don't need Clip In's anymore for about a half year. I also can sleep longer in the morning ww

I'm gonna make more pictures at the weekend (・ω・)
I got some tips for the care of extensions, a special brush and hair fluid too.
See you! (・ω・)ノ

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

New stuff

Hello my dears,

I finally could buy my beloved Anna Sui perfume. I totally like the fragrance and I was so happy that I got a small bag of Anna Sui too cause this perfume was a new edition.

Anna Sui is one of my favorite cosmetic brands but it's a pity that I only get the perfume in Germany, no cosmetics.

I am thinking about trying other lashes like Dolly Wink or Diamond Lash again.
Lately I found really cute and cheap lashes on Ebay although the most cheap lashes there just look standard, I think. (・ω・)

I still need some nice lower lashes as some of them look kinda strange on my eyes xD

Tomorrow is gonna be a good day! (*^▽^*)
I'll get done my extensions! I am tired of using Clip-In's all the time. Sometimes they don't last really good and fall out so I decided to spend a little more money in permanent extensions.

As I don't go to a salon to get them done it's cheaper then normal. Yeah, in Germany extensions are cheap as hell. Therefore I am happy that I found a person who makes extensions private at home and she also lives close to my house.

I am excited how it will look (*´ω`*)

Few weeks ago my Japanese teacher has ordered エビフライ (Ebi Fry) for me. In the Netherlands there is a Japanese fish company called "Hokkai Suisan" that sells different kind of fish.
I love prawns and shrimps and I enjoyed eating them so mich (・ω・)

Friday, April 19, 2013

Long time ago~

Aww~ due to a lot of stress the last time I wasn't able to post.
Yeah work is really stressing me at the moment so if I come home in the evening I don't feel like doing anything or checking FB and other sites.

Due to lots of overtime hours I could go after 4 hours working today.
It really feels good working part time (・ω・)
I am not that tired as I am after 8 or 9 hours.

After a long time it really was necessary taking some new photos.
I still want to try many styles, also to find out which hair color suits me the best (*´ω`*)

This is a wig. But I like it (^^)
But my current hair color is light blonde.

I enjoyed my last week end so my boyfriend and me made a little photoshoot (*´ω`*)

I really think that brown suits me better than blonde.
What do you think?