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Thursday, December 19, 2013


I am very late with my blog again > <  Soo sorry!

Stress keeps going on. I am happy to have some free days now. The only thing I still have to do is doing my homework for Japanese lesson ww

Actually there's nothing much to tell what I did the last months.

Last weekend we went to the Christmas Market in Stuttgart. It was really funny and I got to know new friends.

Unfortunately it was raining the most time but we still had a lot of fun except after drinking some hot wine punch.  (*´ω`*) 

Not so long ago I kinda became a fan of reptiles. Especially of Bearded Dragons! I really like them They're such tame and friendly pets and really cute! At the moment I am thinking about buying one. I caught up on this pets and you have to note a lot of things. For example you need a special heat lamp as they need a temperature of about 25°C - 40°C in the terrarium as well as a UV light to imitate the sun as the beardis come from the Australian desert. They also like eating living crickets or grasshoppers. As I never had a reptile before it's much to note for me. 

For those who don't know Bearded Dragons (in German it's Bartagame) ↓

I was very passionate about the reptiles of my friend Aika in Japan. She has a lot of them I really like them. As of late she also got a snake (*^^*) 

Here are some actual pictures. I decided to dye my hair darker as blonde damaged it so much! > <
I really cared about it but it was still like straw anyway. Also the extensions were quite damaging my hair and I was tired of dying my hair line every time.

That's it for now!

I hope I can blog more often in the next time. I really disregarded it (*´Д`)ごめんね


  1. Bartagamen sind aber auch wirklich süß! >w< Ich spiele auch ab und an mit dem Gedanken, mir auch noch eins von den süßen Dingern zuzulegen. xD Machen werde ich's wohl eher nicht, mir reicht mein Tier dann doch.
    Aber mach dir keine Sorge wegen der Haltungsbedingungen, das klingt alles viel schlimmer als es wirklich ist. ;)
    Hoffe mal, dass du berichten wirst, wenn du dich wirklich für eine Bartagame entscheiden solltest. ^-^

    Und deine Haarfarbe jetzt gefällt mir echt gut. *_* So ein schönes dunkles braun. <3 Hätte ich auch gerne, meins wird immer rötlich irgendwie. xD"


  2. Ja das sind sie (*´ω`*)
    Seit Samstag hab ich nun zwei Stück (*^^*) werde darüber noch posten.
    Aber es ist wirklich nicht so schlimm, wie es sich anhört ^^

    Danke ^^
    Ja, aber mein Dunkelbraun schimmert auch immer leicht rötlich... xD obwohl in der Farbe absolut kein Rotstich drin ist xD