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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tokyo ♪ Shibuya

On July 25th we got up at 6:00 am and had a small breakfast before driving to the Toyobashi station. As there was a lot of traffic on the streets we tightly catched our Shinkansen (゚Д゚)
On our way to Tokyo we ate Green Tea Ice *yummy*

When we arrived at Shinagawa station we went ahead to Shibuya for searching our hotel.

In the end we couldn't found our hotel so we decided to take a taxi. 
Funnily we determined that our hotel was straight behind 109 xD

Our hotel room

As our Check-in was at 3:00 pm we first went to 109 men's where Aika has met a friend who has a shop in there. We got hungry due to walking around so we visited a restaurant where we ate french toastラブラブ   

sooo delicious! <3

When we arrived in our hotel at 3:00 pm we fell asleep in our beds immediately as the morning was stressful (´・ω・`) So we slept about about 1 hour and then went shopping in 109 !! 

MA*RS skirt
MA*RS skirt
MA*RS bags
d.i.a skirt
tutuHA dress


  1. uhhhh you bought lots of pretty things! i'm jealous *m*! Wish I can go to Shibuya soon :D!! enjoy your vacationss!! :D

  2. you absolutely have to go there! it's great ヾ(@°▽°@)ノ