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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Back in Osaka, Kyoto and last time in Japan

The last days in Osaka I didn't do really much because of the hot weather. 

On Sunday, July 29th I visited Tenjinbashi and walked through the big shopping passage and visited some temples.

Later I visited the Osaka Castle. At the top of the castle I had a great view over Osaka!

In the early evening the family of my Japanese friend and me went to AEON store where they bought a Yukata with Obi and Geta for me! I was so happy and it looks so beautiful!! ねこへび  

On the next day I really haven't done anything... I haven't feel much lika going out and I was pretty tired. I also felt a little dizzy so I stayed at home the whole day.

On Tuesday, July 31st my Japanese friend and I went to Kyoto where we have viewed some temples and shrines and walked through the old streets.

Later we walked through the shopping streets and visited some shops.

In the early evening we went back to Osaka after I have bought some things in the shopping streets.

On August 1st I went to Nipponbashi by train and later went to Umeda again to visit some CD and DVD stores.

Prisila shop
In the evening the family of my friend and I went to eat Kaitenzushi.

On the next day I also really didn't do anything. I slept long and in the afternoon I walked to a shop across of the house and bought some reduced clothes (・∀・)

The next day was my last day in Japan as I left on August 4th.
I started packing my luggage for the next day and in the evening we walked to a Natsumatsuri (summer festival) in Sugahara, Osaka.
I also wore my Yukata which the family of my friend bought for me!  ラブラブ  
The quality of this photo isn't the best as I had to scan it (・_・;)

Last evening in Osaka


  1. Cute blog! Too bad ur condition wasn´t that good :( also this season it's really unbarebly hot i guess.. I hope you had a great time! :)

  2. dein blog ist so süß❤ ich kenn das mit der hitze in japan, daran kann man sich einfach nicht gewöhnen >.<;
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  3. Oh, so beautiful! You look so cute.
    I must go to Japan, too...x3
    I follow you. :)

  4. @Mandy: thank you ^^ yah, you're right. summer in Japan feels like dying (;´Д`)

    @Puchi: dankeschön <3 ja hätte nicht gedacht, dass es so unerträglich wird (;´Д`) *followed* ^^

    @Rinako: thank you so much <3 you really have to go there (*^▽^*) I follow you too :)

  5. Nice photos! cute blog ^_^ I follow you

  6. wow!! great photos! i hope i could visit osaka someday hehe.. and you look so gorgeous on that japanese dress :D

    follow each other? let me know..

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  8. Looks so fun! Wish I can visit someday!
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  9. It's nice to see your pics from Japan! And you look cute in Yukata :3