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Monday, August 13, 2012

Gifu and Nagoya

After viewing Takayama, an old traditional town, we went ahead to Shirakawa which is also an very old and traditional city. A Japanese salary man in a shop of that town told me that he feel a little like he was in the Japanese Switzerland cause of the mountains there lol

The family of my Japanese friend and me in Shirakawa

We stayed overnight in Shirakawa in a Ryoukan. 

Our Ryoukan

Ryoukan from outside^^

We made a big tour through Shirokawa as there were so many interesing places to visit.
The diner in the Ryoukan was strange. Many things that looked uneatable. I tried to eat the things but some of them really had a strange taste so that I couldn't eat them as I wasn't hungry anyway.
Before we finally went to bed (or rather Futon) we've gone to a traditional Ofuro near the Ryoukan.

On the next morning I woke up at 5:30. It was too noisy as in the Ryoukan also were children who cried early in the morning. I tried to sleep again but in the end I got up at 6:00 am.
We had breakfast at about 8:00 am which also needed geeting used to. (゜д゜;)
After breakfast we have visited an art gallery of a Japanese artist and then went to Gifu station by car where I went ahead to Nagoya to visit Aika from Nagoya by train.

I arrived in Nagoya after about 25 minutes. Didn't think it was so near.
First I couln't find Aika in the station as she wanted to pick me up. So I waited a while and walked around Nagoya station. 10 minutes later I finally have found her (^人^) happy! I haven't seen her before in real so I was really nervous but she was totally nice.

After locking my luggage at the station we went shopping in Nagoya.


  1. so pretty
    great blog

  2. Oh wow, ein Ryoukan in solch einer Gegend ist sicher eine Erfahrung wert ♥ danke für die durchaus interessanten Blogeinträge!

  3. @Mia k thank you <3

    @Mutusumi: danke für dein Kommi^^ Ja, das war es auf jeden Fall. Ich geb mein Bestes, weiterhin interessante Einträge zu schreiben