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Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Aika and I went to Sakae in Nagoya and walked trough the streets where were lots of great stores (^∇^)

After walking around about 3 hours we went to Aika's home where her husband already waited for us. Afterwards we walked to Aika's favorite bar and drunk something before we went home again for watching a Gazette concert DVD ドキドキ 

As we all got pretty tired we decided to go sleep.

The next day (24.07) we got up at 9:00 am as we planned to go to Tokyo for 2 days,  from July 25th till 26th. So we already bought our tickets for the Shinkansen. It was so expensiveあせる    
At about 12:00 pm we ate lunch in a Japanese restaurant.

Later I absolutely wanted to go to Donki! I love Donki cause you can buy everything there! We also saw a Petshop which was next door to Donki.

I am kinda sorry for the little dogs in these boxes of glass (´Д`)

After shopping at Donki we went to a car garage as Aika's car need to be repaired. So we waited there and drunk green tea and ate some sweets.

We following went to a gamce center in the early evening and took some Purikura before we picked up her husband from the station. 音譜

In the evening when we picked up Aika's husband we went to a Karaoke bar and later drunk some alcohol at her home while packing our luggage for Tokyo ラブラブ


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